Business Prospectus

【Business overview】

It has started from pressure sensitive manufacturing adhesive tape for electrical insulation in 1921.
Nowadays, electrical and electronic tapes, packing and packaging tapes, industrial tapes, etc. are manufactured, and it is playing an active part in all industries.
Electronics industry-related product development in recent years is worked promptly, and we are producing the high-performance tape commercially one after another.
The width of an enterprise domain is expanded by carrying out a variegated proposal to extensive industry.

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【Product Outline】

Electrical and electronic tapes

Electronic tape which supports the development of technology

Everybody is familiar with cellphones and smartphones. But when we look inside, we see that all sorts of adhesive tape is used, such as for fixing parts, blocking electromagnetic waves, and insulation.
Actually, those are our products!
They play a major role in even smaller parts of small devices.
In the field of electronic devices where new products are coming on the market every day, we need to quickly respond to all kinds of needs.
At TERAOKA SEISAKUSHO, we deliver a speedy solution to customers’ exacting demands.
In addition to cellphones, personal computers, liquid crystal TVs and batteries, our products are used in a broad range of electronic components.
They are used not only for sticking components together, but also for electrical conduction, electromagnetic shielding, protection against electrocution, dissipation of heat and shading.

(Product list of Electronic tape)

  • Polyimide (Kapton R) film adhesive tape
  • Double-coated adhesive film tape
  • Silicone rubber adhesive tape
  • Conductive/shielded single-sided, and double-sided adhesive tape
  • Thermally conductive double-stick tape

A full range of electrical tapes with excellent safety

Electrical tape is used for electrical insulation and electrical wiring in various devices and parts, such as home appliances, cars, voltage transformers, coils and leads.
Depending on the application, these tapes provide heat resistance, low temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardant properties, adhesive properties and processability.
Many of these products have obtained UL standard certification.

(Product list of electrical tape)

  • Polyester film adhesive tape
  • Acetate cloth adhesive tape
  • Nomex adhesive tape
  • Glass cloth adhesive tape
  • Combination adhesive tape
  • Epoxy resin-impregnated adhesive tape
  • Vinyl tape

Packing and packaging tapes

Various kinds of tape for all your packing needs

Our packing tape is used in a multitude of different situations, from the leading brand "olive tape" which is a cloth adhesive tape, to kraft adhesive tape and OPP adhesive tape, in factories, offices, the home, schools, etc.
A full line-up is available depending on the use, such as packing for carton boxes, envelope sealings, bag sealings, unions, ornaments and color classification.

(Product list of packing and packaging tapes)

  • Cloth adhesive tape (olive tape)
  • Kraft adhesive tape (carton tape)
  • OPP adhesive tape (packing tape)
  • Can sealing tape
  • Tissue adhesive tape

Industrial tapes

Tapes which play an active role in a broad range of industries, such as manufacturing, construction and transportation

Used in industrial fields such as cars, ships, airplanes, paint application, residential buildings, and civil engineering and construction.
They are used for all sorts of purposes, i.e., protective tape, surface protecting sheet, masking tape, double-stick tape, corrosion-proof tape and waterproof tape.
Many kinds of adhesive are used to satisfy various needs.
They are not limited to industrial uses, but are used for many commonplace articles in daily life and miscellaneous items.

(Product list of industrial tape)

  • Masking cloth tape
  • Polyethylene cloth adhesive tape (P-cut tape)
  • Double-coated adhesive tape
  • Corrosion-proof vinyl adhesive tape
  • Water-proof tape
  • Aluminum foil adhesive tape
  • Production line tape
  • PTFE film adhesive tape
  • Polyethylene protection tape (sheet)

How are adhesive tapes made?

Stage1Procurement of raw materials
Procurement of raw materials
The films, papers and other adhesive materials, etc., used as raw materials are procured.


Stage2Manufacture of adhesives
Manufacture of adhesives
The adhesive raw materials are used to manufacture adhesives according to the usage of the pates.


Stage3Coating of adhesive
Coating of adhesive
The manufactured adhesives are applied to films or papers, etc., width a coating device.


The adhesives are dried in this process, and unnecessary solvents are evaporated (except for solid adhesive).


Stage5Winding and coiling
Winding and coiling
After drying, the adhesive-coated films and papers (half-finished products) are wound into a roll.


It is then cut according to the required size.


The properties, such as width and adhesive strength, are inspected.


Only the products wich pass the quality check are packed.


The adhesive tapes are then dispatched all over Japan, and to the rest of the world.