Quality Principles

TERAOKA SEISAKUSHO CO.LTD. establishes the following Quality Policy based on the management principles set forth in our Mission Statement.

1. We shall continue to pursue the TERAOKA Standard of Quality (a level of quality that satisfies the demands of the automotive industry), and always strive to provide customers with satisfaction and confidence in us.

Each employee should follow the path of honesty and righteousness, possessing the unwavering conviction to create genuine quality themselves. All employees should pursue a spirit of solidarity and mutual support as well as craftsmanship with shared values, being reborn with the disposition to produce high quality products.

1) Train personnel capable of speaking knowledgeably about and pursuing the ideal state of quality.

2) All departments concentrating their combined power to realize genuine production quality without compromise.

3) Strive for the stable production of new products without requiring redesign by preemptively eliminating flaws through cooperation between all related divisions.

4) Strengthening of quality control in the manufacturing process starting from raw materials, and thorough management of changes to products.

5) Strengthen our ability to refine processes to ensure the same results in all cases through the philosophy of “remaining devoted to the fundamentals and taking simple, honest actions.”

6) Reviewing the quality assurance period based on rules and principles, and implementing quality improvement activities to ensure high added value even for small lot products with adept maneuverability.

7) Strive to achieve standardization by investigating the root cause of defects, implementing proper counter-measures and applying the results to similar products.

8) Take steps to reduce the environmental impact of the chemicals in our products, and comply with all chemical-related laws and regulations.

2. While ensuring that all employees are aware of this policy, each division shall establish and implement annual objectives in order to accomplish the aforementioned items.

Established in August 1, 2002
Revised in April 1, 2018
Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Kenichi Tsuji