President’s Message

Chairman Keishiro Teraoka, President Kenichi Tsuji

Since its foundation in 1921 as a comprehensive manufacturer of adhesive tapes, Teraoka has always been leading the industry with its unique and advanced technology, supplying a wide range of adhesive tapes to our customers. Today, adhesive tapes have become an integral component in our lives.

As a good corporate citizen, we actively address global environmental issues through extending our technology of adhesion to other areas including advanced sectors. At the same time, in order to remain a company that is trusted, appreciated and needed by society, we continue to focus on high-quality and safe manufacturing to fulfill these responsibilities toward society.

As part of our growth strategy, we established a new factory in Indonesia for integrated production in March, 2011 aiming to catch the market demand of the emerging Asian countries, avoid currency risk, and maintain a stable supply of raw materials. The new factory started the operation from October, 2012. We aim to further expand our business scale by building a unified production and sales system domestically and internationally.

We pursue policies that will ensure sustainable growth, including strategic investment and development of highly functional and high-value added products. Furthermore, through good communication with our stakeholders and customers, we will continuously undertake reforms to keep the company in a position to increase stockholder value.

We look forward to receiving your further support and patronage.