CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Teraoka Seisakusho Group strives to fulfill the responsibility as a contributing member of regional communities, with high ethical standards of our all the management and employees, by developing fair and robust activities of business, and aims to be perceived as a good corporate citizen by maintaining constructive dialogues with various stakeholders.


Security Export Control

In order to fulfill its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen that actively develops business overseas, Teraoka Seisakusho Group is committed to security and export control for preventing our products and technologies to be diverted to military use or terror activities. It is not only for the sake of compliance with laws and relevant regulations, but also for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security.

Our basic policies on the security and export control are as follows;
1. For the export of controlled goods and the provision of controlled technologies overseas, we shall not engage in any conduct that violates the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act or any laws, regulations, ordinances or official notices based on this Act.
2. For the purpose of complying with the ACT, we shall designate an export control administrator responsible for security and export control, and we shall develop and enhance our systems for export control.

We, in accordance with the foregoing policies, strives to steadily improve internal product classification which is conducted in individual divisions by qualified engineers who are familiar with technical background of products, transaction review which Sales Department is required to carry out the review for each transaction and export control trainings which are offered by the export control administrator for the group companies to educate employees on the importance of export control and to raise awareness and knowledge of the Export Control Compliance Program (ECCP) and related internal regulations.

【Environmental Activities】